SOAR Summer Group

Group Therapy for Anxious Kids Ages 8-12
Wednesdays, 9a-12p, Onsite & Offsite Locations

Join us one day or every day for a 3-hr adventure in facing your fears! This group therapy program creates a day camp experience in a fun, therapeutic environment with the added benefit of peer support & encouragement.

Therapy Groups

May 14 - June 25, 2024
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May 14-June 25, 2024
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Career Consultation

Professional Development

If you are developing your specialty in treating OCD and are looking for case consultation or consultation related to professional development, Dr. Martinez offers individual consultation for an hourly fee.


DFW OCD Treatment Specialists (DOTS)

Professionals in the DFW area may be interested in joining the consultation group, DFW OCD Treatment Specialists (DOTS), for regular support, education, and case consultation.

Client Portal

The client portal is to be used by established patients only. Learn more about the client portal here: Client Portal 

Our Blog

About OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender. OCD is not about having exceptional organizational skills and having OCD is not a quirky character flaw. OCD is a serious highly distressing disorder that seriously and adversely affects the lives of those who have it and, oftentimes, the people who are close to the sufferer.


The gold standard of evidence-based treatment for OCD is a very specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) called Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). ERP involves patients actively choosing to experience triggers associated with discomfort and uncertainty in order to create a different relationship with these triggers and feelings. Patients come to better understand the function of their compulsive thoughts and behaviors and learn new, non-compulsive ways of responding to unwanted or intrusive thoughts.

Insurance & OCD

With a diagnosis of OCD, you are legally entitled to the in-network rate coverage from your insurance for a specialist in OCD. The laws that govern health insurance are written to make sure patients can access the care they need, relatively close to home, and have costs for these services covered by the insurance product for which the patient/consumer is paying. A person with OCD has a right to see an OCD specialist for psychotherapy in the same way a cancer patient has a right to see an oncologist. If there is no oncologist within a certain radius of a patient who is in-network, the insurance company is obligated to cover an out-of-network provider who is able to provide the necessary care. The same is true for OCD. 

Finding an OCD Specialist

What DO you look for in an OCD specialist? Learn how to find a clinician that offers the appropriate care for OCD. 

For Kids/Parents

Book recommendations for kids with OCD & their parents.

For Teens/Adults

Book recommendations for teens & adults with OCD.

For Loved Ones of Individuals with OCD

Book recommendations for those who have loved ones with OCD.

For Kids/Parents, Teens/Adults, and Loved Ones of Individuals with OCD. 

See here for the books Dr. Martinez recommends…

SOAR in the Press

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The Dr. Johann D'Souza Podcast: Dr. Molly Martinez, OCD Group Practice Video
Dr. D'Souza Video
The Dr. Johann D'Souza Podcast: Dr. Molly Martinez, OCD Group Practice
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Pandemic Paradox: It’s OK to Not be Ready for the Pandemic to End
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Fireside Friday: OCD & Insurance
Fireside Friday: OCD & Insurance Video
ERP w/ Justin Hughes Video
Common Pitfalls in ERP for OCD with Justin K. Hughes
ERP w/ Justin Hughes Video
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"I think it might help to focus on small steps and small victories and try not to think of the end of the road because quite honestly, the end of the road never comes when it comes to achieving goals. There’s always another step that you’re gonna add. So let’s just focus on the step you’re on now."
DR. Molly martinez, phd
OCD & Anxiety Specialist
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